Wednesday, August 6, 2014

10,000 hours

Long time no write, my friends. I hope you are all doing well no matter what it is you are doing.

I had this idea about a year or so ago, maybe a little longer now that I would start writing a collection of the experiences I've had over the last 14 years with a skateboard under my feet, the time has come where I feel like it's maybe time to put a little more effort into the story.  It's funny how I seem to only write when I'm feeling a little melancholy. Im a happy person folks but I guess writing has always been the way I can express myself properly when I am actually feeling, not just living my life contently day to day.  I always felt a little bad that it's these times I really only feel like writing but I guess what you get as a result is what is purely me.  Don't believe me? Look back a few years...and keep in mind there are many posts now hidden.
I had a fucking shitty sleep last night.  A lot of my life is catching up to me in many ways and when I cracked open my horoscope this morning, something I usually take the size of a grain of sand, it spoke of my families generations and how I inherited traits from them in the form of hair, eyes and many talents. It also spoke of how many of the inherited traits are ones I don't realize I have and urged me to reflect on myself, what I have offered, what I have learned, what I have developed and what I have given to this world, and most importantly, myself.  Reflect, reflect, reflect. Learn, learn, learn. I closed it kinda giggling to myself because in a totally unrelated situation I have heard of a life story being written recently and all I could think about was how when I heard that was being done, it reminded me of what I should have done a long time ago and that was write mine.  So what did I do? I opened the notes in my phone and scrolled back to about a year and a half ago, maybe even two, more lost than I am at the moment with the perfect first chapter written exactly the way it should be. After that, the words started flowing and the train ride was not nearly long enough to process the timeline running through my head.  Then, as I got to school and heard stories of Italy from my Italian teacher I thought of Alexandria, the 7 year old Italian girl that I met while there for the first time and found an picture of us sitting on a sidewalk trying to communicate in our own language of body and gestures. Then I started scrolling further, and further, and further once more looking and realizing the depths of what I have to offer.  I realized a long while ago that anything I could write would surely be long and complicated but I wasn't sure how to word it all because it tangles so many personal lives and experiences that I wasn't really sure if the characters should be portrayed as real or not, despite their obvious existence.  The thought of writing this has popped up more than once, I believe my laptop holds the first pages of a story I called 3 wide..I began writing it not so lost after waking up in a bed in whistler sandwiched between two teammates I didn't know joined my bed after drifting. I woke up scared and in a panic because I was trapped and not expecting it then quickly looked to the bodies of max and Travis to realize there was no other place I would be safer than between them. These boys made me who I am, swam me through thick and thin without even realizing it. It's funny how a life so uncomplicated can be so complicated to portray in a respect it deserves.

So here I am. It might be a while till I post again, but at least now you know there is more coming..hang in there.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Slow Mo

Here, watch me turn right at 800fps.  I can't wait for the festival season to start so we can all see this movie!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time for another relationship talk

Sooo...this week I made a move.  I've been hanging down in Cali for a while as most people know and with the introduction to a few new avenues in my life came a time to go on ahead and choose which way to go at a fork in the road.  I qualify for this specialized athletes visa and part of the requirement is finding some employment in my 'specialized field' and although employment isn't really my biggest issue here, thinking about the ways it can be done made me want to explore some opportunities that I know I had available to me but I never really explored based on pure loyalty to relationships that have been really good to me.

The last time I wrote one of these posts was when I made the switch to Landyachtz, who I am still happily supporting because they are my home team where my heart is and, well, I freaking love my Wolfshark, my Biggie Hawgs on that note, yes, Landyachtz and Hawgs are here to stay.  On the other hand though, when I signed on with Landyachtz, understand they are a 'house' that has 3 brands involved, Bear trucks being one of them.  Now don't get me wrong here, the precision grizzly is a very good product and served me, and I am sure plenty of you, very well.  The question here isn't really about how I feel at the moment though.  Let's get into the relationship metaphors again because it really is a good way to explain it.

When you are happy with something, it is easy to get into a groove, a routine if you will.  It is easy enough to go with the flow and continue just how things are because thats how things always have been and you would be okay with it continuing like that but relationships aren't about sitting still, they are about progressing one another, supporting one another and making sure that the moves you want to be making are moves that you can make together.  The Bear lineup has been expanding to include some amazing freeride options like the polar bears and soon to come, the Kodiaks.  These are great all around trucks but ever since I found myself bedridden from the more 'twirly and air' sides of skateboarding a while back I have found it my mission to keep '4 on the floor' and stick to serious DH, my first passion in longboarding.  The brand wont be moving forward with my specific interests in development and advertising minus maybe a product produced to fill a void and while pondering this fact I was introduced to not only a product that performed extremely well under my conditions of riding but a team behind it who's focus and direction in skating is exactly where my heart is.  Now, I don't like riding boards that aren't mine...I'm going to start with saying that before I get into this next little bit.  Not only is it a comfort thing but I am so horribly loyal in any of my relationships that taking a ride down a hill on a product that wasn't made by someone I am currently in a relationship with feels like cheating to me, it makes me uncomfortable and I don't like the thoughts that come while at the top of a hill being encouraged to push in, never mind actually on board riding down a hill.  With that being said, I had 'one too many' and decided to take the offer on a product that was narrow, quick turning, and tuned for performance; everything I knew I needed in a so called partner in crime.  I took the run, quickly passed the board back and refused to admit that it was a feeling I preferred.  I got back on my own board for the next couple months and when the fork came where it was either time to throw in the towel or stick with the fight...I threw in the towel, did a little something for myself and found myself happily floating down a hill on a product that feels like it was made for me and backed by a man who cares what these trucks feel like, wants to help find what you are comfortable on and wants to spend the time driving my ass up the hill in the early morning hours to make sure that I can do my best on them.  It is a very rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship that has absolutely nothing to do with money but at the same time is full of possibility for my future. So there we have it, I made the switch, I broke up with Bear and I started dating Ronins.

This is just one of the relationship changes I had though, next on the relationship microscope was my long supporting shop sponsor, Daddies Board Shop, and what I feel is the biggest change in my lineup.

First and foremost, I have had some amazing opportunities at the hands of Daddies Board Shop. I am very grateful for the support they have given me but this is why I am leaving.

When you are in a relationship with someone, this saying should flawlessly, mindlessly and enthusiastically apply:
"I am you and you are me."

I am not Daddies Board Shop and Daddies Board Shop is not me.

If anyone has to 'win' at this game, I would prefer it to be the guy that wakes up every day ecstatic to skate down hills.  For this, I have left the team.

Good night!

Monday, November 25, 2013

On that note...

Here is me and Key getting pitted on GMR.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holy Shmoly its been a year!

Well, I took a year off this thing apparently... here I am, safe and sound!  2013 was RAD.   First things first, if you've been following my skating anyways you probably already know I didn't do the IDF season this year.  My leg was healing up spectacular until I decided to go a little too heavy for my own good at the downhill disco in April and ended up benched again from competition for the season.  Im doing good, but I just decided to not really let any outside factors influence my body and only freerode and had fun more than anything. I entered some races, but played with caution and the girls are getting really fast so they beat me, it was great. The only race I really wanted to win at was Maryhill and there was a super unfortunate crash in the finals, otherwise there was a hella battle for first place in the women's field.  Best race for equal competition I've ever attended, anyone in the finals had a shot.  I never qualify very well there but I knew on course that I was a strong rider and after a really bad push off the start, I picked my way from the very back of the pack, finally making my way to the front when 2 riders went down causing 5 of the 6 on course to crash, it was that tight.  Bummer, but I'm not really one to be bummed, I took the 3rd with pride and moved on because that weekend was so much more than a race for me. On that note, I've been spending a lot of time in California, I met my future husband at Maryhill and we get along just dandy.

Lets see, what else?  ISRAEL, DUH!  I was invited to go to Israel with the Longboard Girls Crew and all of my sponsors, LANDYACHTZ, DADDIES and ZERO GRAVITY all pitched in to help make the project a reality.  Israel was insane.  I did an interview on the landyachtz blog, here is the link.   The project was 14 girls in total being filmed for 10 days skating all over the country, if you haven't the trailer below.

Open Official Trailer from LongboardGirlsCrew on Vimeo.

hmmmm. mmmmooore.  I turned 26 this year, I dressed like a princess and smoked my friends at a couple rounds of birthday go karts, that was also a major highlight of the year.

What else?  My cat is growing up to become El Capimancat, he is getting increasingly handsome with age as well.

anddddd, what else can i report.  OH. I rode a wolfshark all year instead of my little switchblade after about march or so.  Love it.  Gonna keep riding it, fits me perfect.

See you around.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Well, I have one night left till I get on a plane to Vancouver in the morning, from Bogota.  Funny part is this is an entirely different trip.  I guess it's a month or two ahead in time since the last post, so that means I've been home (which was good) and now I've returned and am in the final moments of my third trip to Colombia this year.  Almost needless to say, I like the place.

While I am excited to head back to Vancouver and get in a routine thats good for my body and mind, I can't help but be a little bummed that I am leaving, this time not quite knowing when I will return.  I arrived at the gate in Texas for my transfer to Bogota and it hit me that I was going back.  There was this old man speaking with a tongue that I love, and from beginning to end of the 5 hour flight he would come and walk back and talk to his family, not really caring that I was completely invading their conversations, maybe or maybe not aware that I really had no clue what they were talking about.  Obviously, I am nowhere near fluent but this time when I got to the skateboarders I was actually able to converse and participate, even if my grammar was horribly wrong or I was just an observer for a long period of time.  I actually spoke this time not afraid of making errors and proved that all the writing and reading I have been doing is really, really good.  I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to; I am fascinated with the thought of being able to converse bilingually, and I know it's something that I can do, or rather, will do.

 On Thursday night we did the girls clinic and it was a lot of fun, and even though there was a lot going on because it was the starting slide jam, we managed to group together and share thoughts, tips and pointers.  Friday was a birthday party full of delicious mexican food, and Saturday was the start of the 3 day long weekend event.  Going into this race I knew I would only be skating the women's division, so after skating on Saturday, I woke up on sunday not entirely in the mood and made a plan to go elsewhere, calling up my friend Nicolas who is a really good photographer from here in Bogota.  When it comes to skating, mainly it's just street that he shoots but after this week he sounds excited to have a go with some good, quality downhill.  We met up and headed downtown early, entertained all the way into the night by great skateboarding, photos around the city and new friends through conversation so basic and reliant on energy you know they are of the purist. Sunday was epic and I am so glad that I skipped qualifying to head out with these boys.  These photos are two shots that were put up on his Ocho Shortys page, and one of me on my longboard from the festival, shot by Luchin Rivera.


dinner time soon. chao.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Less than 10 days left in Colombia

Well, it's almost time to wrap up my trip here.  Currently camped out at the Cannalivio house in Medellin as I have been for almost a month now, waiting on Jenny to arrive for a day or two tomorrow and then packing my bags after the weekend and jumping on a plane to Bogota to catch up with the Longboard Colombia guys one last time before starting my decent home.  I'm stoked I got this extra month because I finally feel satisfied with the amount of time I've had away from home, it's been enough time to feel like I actually lived somewhere, and lived I have, but its also been enough time to really start looking forward to returning to a few of the comforts at home I've taken serious advantage of.  Nothing too crazy, of course; I've had hot showers the whole time I've been here, good friends and never a shortage of food...but I've hit a point where I'm ready to be back with the good old familiar.